How To Find Wholesale Real Estate Deals

How To Find Real Estate Wholesale Deals

Are you wondering how I find real estate wholesale deals week after week with huge spreads? I have a few secrets about real estate wholesaling & how I find the best wholesale real estate deals in the business. If you’re like many other real estate investors I know, you want lots of wholesale deals with large spreads….correct? Maybe you’ve even paid outrageous prices to some internet “Wholesale Real Estate Guru,” only to be disappointed? I’ve got news for you, I did too!

First and foremost, anyone interested in learning how to wholesale real estate should never pay over $4,000 – $5,000 dollars for an online real estate course. Secondly, just becasue you’ve learned how to wholesale real estate does not mean that you’ve learned how to find wholesale deals. Learning how to find wholesale real estate deals is, without a doubt, the most difficult part of wholesaling real estate.

So, lets talk for a moment about what I do and how I do it. By trade, I am a software engineer who happens to also be a real estate investor. My full-time job at one point in my life was making a comfortable $115,000 per year designing real estate software for individuals and businesses that was generating millions of dollars. Long story short, I designed a piece of software for a client that tracked income revenue from his business of wholesaling real estate. After seeing the amount of revenue he was bringing in, I began immediately searching for any and all information I could find on “Wholesale Real Estate Investing.”

I Bought An Online Wholesale Real Estate Course

After searching and researching “Wholesale Real Estate Investing,” I decided to attend a free “How To Wholesale Real Estate Step By Step” seminar at my local Holiday Inn. Wouldn’t you know it, I ended up paying a cool $20,000 for a wholesale real estate course that conveniently left out three major steps of the wholesale real estate process. After spending a few thousand more dollars on additional course materials, I finally figured it out! I finally understood the entire process, which included: how to assign a wholesale real estate contract, how to find cash buyers and how to successfully wholesale houses.

I Had The Knowledge But I Wasn’t Finding Any Wholesale Deals

Now having the knowledge I needed to wholesale real estate, I was off and running. I was implementing all the strategies the wholesale real estate courses had taught me, but I still wasn’t finding deals with large enough spreads to sell to other real estate investors. I stated thinking, “what if I designed a piece of software that found wholesale deals for me?”

If You Design It, They Will Come & Come & Come!

My mind was made up, I was going to research how sellers search for buyers and then design a well-written HTML5, CSS3, SEO friendly website that would give me the ability to be the first point of contact for all potential sellers. Fast forward three months, my website was up and running and I was completely dominating each and every market I targeted. This was it, I was quitting my full-time job as a software engineer and becoming a full-time real estate investor.

My Google Search Results Speak For Themselves

The very first real estate website that I designed was “OREG” This website was intricate and extremely time consuming (eight months), but I had accomplished every goal that I set out to achieve (local market domination). Here are a few example search terms that I specifically targeted in my immediate market area. The Google search results you see below are just four out of more than a hundred results that I dominate.

Live Google Search – Keyword #1 – Sell My House Cash Dayton Ohio

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Sell My House Cash Dayton Ohio

Live Google Search – Keyword #2 – Sell My House Cash Kettering Ohio

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Sell My House Cash Kettering Ohio

Live Google Search – Keyword #3 – We Buy Houses Cash Dayton Ohio

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We Buy Houses Cash Dayton Ohio

Live Google Search – Keyword #4 – Cash Home Buyers Dayton Ohio

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Cash Home Buyers Dayton Ohio

Being the entrepreneur that I am, I started thinking on a much bigger level (National – Nationwide). What if I could create targeted, well-written, extremely clean, high converting wholesale real estate websites in less than three weeks and dominate other markets throughout the United States? I did just that!

I starting creating high conversion wholesale real estate investor websites for a select few wholesalers that I had met in my short time of becoming a real estate investor. Before I knew it, my wholesale real estate websites were pulling in 3-5 deals per month (each) in three other markets around the country. Here are a few examples of the high ranking real estate investor websites that I am currently designing, all of which are actively dominating real estate markets around the United States.

  1. Sell My House Cash Flow
  2. Home Sold Cash
  3. First Time Home Buyers Ohio
  4. Rent To Own Homes In Ohio

Designing Wholesale Real Estate Websites For Other Investors?

I get calls every day from real estate investors around the United States and Canada asking if I design and build wholesale real estate websites and, if so, what is the cost? The short answer to this question is “Yes!” I am currently building wholesale real estate websites for a select few people and the cost can vary from $2,000 to $2,500 per website. However, I do have a few requirements that I like to see met before designing and building a local website for a potential client (partner). My service is not a “click and buy” product, we must discuss your project over the phone, get to know each other a little bit and make sure we are a good match before moving forward.

The wholesale real estate websites that I design are extremely powerful and worth every penny. Any successful real estate investor will tell you that this business is all about “Return On Investment” (ROI). Spending $2,000 – $2,500 for a website that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars year after year is a small investment for such a huge return. For this reason, I am very selective about who I work with and the guidelines we follow.

  1. I will only build one wholesale real estate website per market.
  2. We will partner up on your first three wholesale real estate deals.
  3. The website will be hosted on my servers.
  4. I will maintain all website updates and plugins.
  5. We will work as partners for a mutually agreed-upon amount of time.

This Is How I Find Wholesale Real Estate Deals Around The United States

My system is proven and this is exactly how I find wholesale real estate deals year after year. I hope you find the information I provided to be informative and useful. If you are interested in dominating your local area by finding the best wholesale deals possible, please contact me at the email address below.

Nurullah, Web Designer