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Welcome To Wholesale Real Estate Investing

Welcome to Wholesale Real Estate Investing! First and foremost, we would like to thank you for stopping by. We would like to take a few minutes of your valuable time to introduce ourselves and to explain what you will find in the future when visiting

We are a group of real estate investors based out of Dayton, Ohio. We buy properties (wholesale) throughout the United States & Canada and sell at premium prices with maximum return on investment (ROI).

Of course, with the amount of business that we conduct on a daily basis across the United States and Canada, people are always asking “can you teach me how to wholesale real estate?” Due to the amount of inquiries we receive from individuals who are hungry to start a new career and become full-time real estate investors, we have documented our entire wholesale real estate process step by step and presented the material in easy to learn online courses.

As you can see, we have priced our online real estate courses well below what most other “Gurus” charge. The reason for this is simple: our intent is not to sell our courses as a primary income source, but to sell our courses to potential students in hopes of teaching them how to wholesale real estate step by step and become a future partner.

In addition to our online real estate courses, we will also offer informative blog posts. An example of future blog posts include:

  • Wholesale Real Estate Contract Assignment
  • Where To Find The Best Wholesale Real Estate Contracts
  • How To Find Wholesale Deals
  • How To Build A Massive Cash Buyers List
  • Building Your Investor Network
  • How To Start Wholesale Real Estate Investing

Again, we welcome you to and we hope that you find our online courses, real estate mentor program and community of experienced real estate investors helpful. If you have any questions pertaining to real estate investing, how to wholesale houses or even current wholesale deals you’re working, please feel free to ask. Also, as a reminder, we are getting our Youtube channel up and going and will also be posting informative “How To” videos, walk-throughs of our current flips, rehabs and wholesale deals.